Trying to tie it all together with some notes to consider before proceeding with the exercises.

Learn to Breathe

The most important exercise for almost everybody. Proper respiration leads to ideal stabilization patterns, which provides the foundation for all movement and exercise.

DNS 3 Month Supine

More or less a progression from the Learn to Breathe video.

DNS 3 Month Prone

Here we start to challenge the shoulder and scapula to stabilize into upward rotation.

DNS 4.5 Month Prone

Similar to 3 Month Prone, but with an added challenge of limb differentiation and uprighting of the spine.

DNS 5 Month Side-Lying

Great for posterior shoulder tightness/pain and eccentric loading of the rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers.

DNS 6 Month Supine

If you spend a lot of time in extension (lifters, gymnasts, military posture folks, etc.) this is used to help control stabilization of the T/L junction to get back into a more neutral position.

DNS 6 Month Plank

Further increasing the demand on the shoulder stabilizers and abdominal wall. Unlike a tradition plank, we want to keep the posterior chain relaxed, which further activates the lower abdominal wall.

DNS 7 Month Side-Lying

A variation of our most difficult side-lying position. Once optimal stabilization is achieve in this movement we can often add in more traditional rehab approaches using external loads, open-chain movements, and compound movements.

DNS Bear

Typically our final DNS position when it comes to shoulder health and stability.


Thank you!